The Mir project is a digital immersion in the universe of collective memory. 

Losing memory, a person ceases to be himself. He continues to exist, but his life is going through being the same. The same troubles might happen  with  memory of a place. Every time the collective memory  is rewritten, only the individual past is in safety. The towns  in which we and our relatives grew up are endlessly changing and merging in memories into one universal city of the past. Our stories are rewritten on the history of our ancestors, and this cycle is endless.

In the Mir project, Alexandra Mikhailova reflects on the history of her childhood town — Mirny. There, in Yakutia, on the edge of the Mir diamond quarry, three generations of her family lived. And there are many more similar families who came to explore the North. All these stories melted into the collective memory. Just as the names of the miners who died in the quarry during the breakthrough of groundwater will soon be dissolved.  When the mine will be restored for the extraction of precious ore, and new shift workers will arrive in the town, the memory of the dead will transform into a legend that will hide the tragedy that happened here.

A human is able to maintain or manipulate memory, save archives or recode data to fit his needs, constructing a new body of memory. Will you see something familiar in the layers of video evidence until the quarry  floods?

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