Genotypes. Biological performance

Plunging into the history of mankind, we pass through a retrospective of the cruelty inherent in anthropomorphic creatures. In the Genotypes project, I reflect on collective violence as a phenomenon, that there is no nation that would not be a victim or would not shed blood. The starting point for the study was the materials of Robert Sapolsky about the nature of human emotions, about what controls a person in a given situation.

There is an assumption that the propensity for collective violence in people appears with the advent of agriculture and settled way of life. But along with a genetic predisposition to violence, a person has the ability to refuse violence, from the power of his own genes.

In the Genotypes project, I create a mandala, a symbol of home comfort and safety — a crocheted napkin. The thread, created from a human hair, takes the form of a neural structure, which is modified after infection with the bacteria Serratia marcescens, revealing in the course of the performance the inevitable and familiar, when we drink tea, a catastrophe continues to occur in the world.

Materials: human hair, bacteria Serratia marcescens