Genotypes. Biological performance, kinetic sound system, installation 

Collaboration with Egor Ryabchenko.

  “People only drink tea, and a tragedy happens…”

A. Chekov

Plunging into the history of mankind, we pass through a retrospective of the cruelty inherent in anthropomorphic creatures.  the Genotypes project is a reflection  on collective violence as a phenomenon. Around the world there is no nation that would not be a victim or would not shed blood.

In the heart of Genotypes project a crocheted  mandala —  a symbol of home comfort and safety. The thread made of sheep’s wool takes the form of a neural structure refers us to the biblical story — who are we? Does human have a will, or are we as led as a sheep? 

I soaked the napkin with keratin taken from men’s hair and over time, while audience will drink tea, the napkin will becomes covered in bloody-red spots. 

As Robert Sapolsky said, along with a genetic predisposition to violence, a person has the ability to refuse violence, from the power of his own genes. But each of us will draw own conclusions during performance, and will answer to the eternal question — do we have power over our own destiny?