SOS: Sound Of Survivor, 2023, work in progress

Aleksandra Mikhailova, Ekaterina Kulakova

Interactive sound system, video (5 min)

Scientific advisors: Ippolit Markelov, : Vtol:, 

Veronika Prizova, Maria Moschenskaya, Aleksandra Burnusuz

Technical director: Alexey Feskov

SOS: Sound of Survivor project explores the nature of the relationship between humans and microbiological agents. During the research, we observed the most ancient cyanobacteria of the genus Arthrospira, which are considered the progenitors of protozoa, and since the late 90s have been studied as one of the main food products for long-term space flights. Cyanobacteria need light, heat, and oxygen to thrive. But we also found that under the influence of sound, Arthrospira colonies grow more actively and this can serve as the basis for a symbiosis between humans and cyanobacteria. We invite the viewer to audial communication with the progenitor of life on Earth. The frequency and amplitude of the sound forms a fractal pattern that affects the vital activity of bacteria and remains with them until death. Algae enter into resonance with external influences, just like snowflakes or the inflorescence of wildflowers. Mankind has been using these mathematical principles for a long time to build a Gothic cathedral rose, the architectural mosaics of mosques, the figures of Chladni. The focus of human attention has long been focused on outer Space, but with each new experiment we understand that the basic principles of the Universe can be found in a Petri dish.